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BCMAIR® Licensed Series AEG

What we offer

No Compromise?

VFC presents the BCM® series AEG with VFC's latest AEG system inside; making it a combo of realistic externals and high performance internals, all found in a single airsoft replica. The internal features include; Build-in Digital Firing Control System, ECS GearBox, MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade Inner Precise barrel, Gen II Hop-up Chamber, and MAPLE LEAF Competition Grade HOP-UP Rubber.

Full License Authorized Production

VFC BCM® MCMR 11.5" AEG is built under authorized by Bravo Company MFG, Inc. (BCM), with fully authorized markings. The BCM® MCMR 11.5" is as real as it gets!

Authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Tactical Accessories

The BCM® MCMR 11.5" AEG comes standard with the authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER™ tactical parts, including the handguard rail, pistol grip, buttstock, flash hider, and trigger guard… with more to come as the BCM® lineup expands.

BCM® MCMR (M-LOK®) Handguard System

Featuring the same industry leading barrel nut and lock up design as originally introduced on BCM's evolutionary KMR handguard, the MCMR Series of handguards gives the shooter modularity in the M-LOK platform.

New Digital Firing Control System

The our new DIGITAL FIRING CONTROL SYSTEM has been added to ensure sharp trigger response & to allow for programmable modes of semi, burst and full auto; giving you flexibility for whatever task you plan to undertake.

Key Features

  • Programmable 3-round Burst Mode
    Set selection lever in SEMI mode, pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds, the twice "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 2nd mode(SAFE - SEMI - BURST). Pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds again, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 3rd mode(SAFE - BURST - AUTO). If you repeat again, system return to default start mode(SAFE - SEMI -AUTO).
  • Piston Pre-pull by SEMI Mode
    Pull the trigger several times in SEMI mode so that piston position will be pre-pull, and improve the precision of shooting.
  • Piston Reset by AUTO Mode
    Before you remove the battery from your AEG, please pull the trigger several times in AUTO mode so that piston position could be reset.
  • Automatic Detection of the Voltage
    The "BEEP" sound will have different modes depending on the battery voltage, triple sound for 11.1V, twice sound for 7.4V.
  • Low Voltage Alarm
    When the battery is about to run out, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard for alarm.


Fore-end & Barrel


Authorized Steel BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 0 - 5.56


Aluminum Dummy outer barrel


Dummy Gas Tube & Gas Block


Authorized Full CNC BCM® MCMR (M-LOKR) Handguard 10"



BCM® Patent Handguard Locating Pin


Steel Barrel Nut




BCM® Full License Authorized Marking


Authorized Marking Dummy Bolt Plate with Hop-up Adjustment


Steel Dust Cover


Steel Dummy Forward Assist



Authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Dummy Charging Handle Mod 4X4


Authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER Trigger Guard


Authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER Grip Mod 3 Pistol Grip


Authorized Steel BCMGUNFIGHTER QD End Plate




Authorized BCMGUNFIGHTER? Stock Mod 1-SOPMOD-Compartment with Increased Battery Space


Adjustable Stock Tube


Anti-slip Pattern Design on the Buttstick Adjustment Lever


Buttstock Ribs Design for Lightweight & Reinforced



Buttstock Built in QD Sling Mount


Buttstock Built in Rubber Butt-Pad




120Rds Silent Mid-Cap Magazine



BCMAIR® Licensed Series AEG
  • Overall 716/790mm
  • Inner Barrel 275mm
  • Weight(With Mag) 2158g
  • Bullet 6 mm
  • Capacity 120 Rds Magazine
  • Muzzle Velocity 110m/sec

* USA version includes AVALON 6.03mm tightbore barrel and VFC precision bucking.
* USA Version includes the AVALON MOSFET trigger system.

* Muzzle Velocity varies for different country regulations.
* The picture display is only for the reference, Does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.