Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
"If You Wish For Peace; Prepare For War"

Similar to the BCM Gunfighter’s Program, the BCMAIR Gunfighter™ Program brings together industry - leading people who are active in the Airsoft field and have military or related weapon expertise to use, make suggestions and continually improve the BCM® licensed Airsoft products. VFC is proud and honored that these players that we call; BCMAIR Gunfighter™.


About Chih-liang Sam

Chih-liang Sam is a former Weapons Instructor of Taiwanese Coast Guard. He is a decorated veteran with experienced Coast Guard Administration Special Task Force training and deployments to Taiping Island of South China Sea. During his service in Coast Guard, he participated in a lot of shooting competition and achieved good results. At the same time, he also qualified as a weapon instructor.



After leaving the Coast Guard he joined the VegaForceCompany. He did not waste his shooting technology after retirement. He began to promote the correct concept of weapon operation in the VFC service center. He not only started to teach many airsoft players& civilians how to correctly operating guns, but also became a safety officer when joining IDPA.


In the series premiere, we sit down with him for talking about his story, how does he use the airsoft to maintain his shooting skills.


Episode 00 - Chih-liang Sam

Captions: Chinese / Subtitles: English

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